The official publication of the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences College of Medicine of the University of Lagos, Nigeria



The Journal of Basic Medical Sciences (J. Basic Med. Sci.) (ISSN 2354-4368) is a multidisciplinary and peer-reviewed journal tailored to meet the continuing needs of research in Nigeria and the international communities with major interest in Basic Medical Sciences as a tool to solving medical and other scientific problems. In addition to publishing quality articles, the Editorial Board will pay due attention to rapid publication of the accepted articles in the journal.

JBMS has adopted the “Uniform requirements for manuscripts submitted to Biomedical Journals” (BMJ, 1997; 314: 1-10; N. Engl. J. Med., 1997; 336: 309-315). Papers for publication in this Journal include: Report of Original Work, Review, Clinical Trial, Case Report, Cameo, Correspondence, Meeting Reports and Book Review.

 Report of Original Work: This is an original article, preferably briefly described. The format for this should be title page, abstract, keywords, introduction, materials/patients and methods, results, discussion, conclusion, acknowledgements, references, tables, figures and plates, in that order. The abstract must be structured and should not be more than 250 words.

Review: This is an article that summarizes an exhaustive literature on a special interest with references. It is equally an authoritative, evidence-based article on topical subjects. Submission in this category is generally by invitation. However, unsolicited manuscripts are also welcome. Authors are encouraged to discuss an outline of their idea with the editor-in- chief of JBMS.

Case report: This is an article of interest, especially one of an uncommon presentation, and should also have an abstract.

Clinical Trial: This is an article of succinct presentation, usually concerning a drug evaluation. This concise article contains minimum number of graphs and tables.

Letter to the Editor: It is a brief substantiated commentary on subject(s) of interest.

Cameo: A report of not more than 800 words with a maximum of 3 illustrations for rapid and elucidating communication.

Correspondence: Short letter to the editor as well as contributions in response to previously published article(s).

Meeting Report: This is a summary of materials presented at scientific meetings, especially those of Basic Medical Societies.

Book Review: Books and monographs of interest will be reviewed based on their values to subscribers. Please, note that books and monographs sent for review will not be returned.

Editorial Policies

The JBMS is published biannually by the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, College of Medicine of the University of Lagos. All papers submitted for publication will be edited and subjected to peer review process. The peer review process will be in relation to scientific and statistical contents.

Manuscripts may be required to be modified by author(s) following the review if necessary. All submitted manuscripts remain property of JBMS whether published or not and copyright will be taken in the name of JBMS.

All statements and opinions expressed in the articles and communication published in the journal are strictly those of the author(s) and not necessarily those of the Editor(s) or Publisher. The Publisher disclaims any responsibility or liability for such materials. In addition, the publisher is not liable and do not provide guarantee or endorsement for services or products advertised.

Electronic Copy

Electronic copy must be in MS-word format. However, all Tables and Figures must also be submitted separately in Excel format. All Plates and Pictures must be submitted in JPEG format and must bear bar line/internal scale marker.


Authors will be expected to contribute to the cost for every printed page, including the cost of illustration and postage. Together with the letter of acceptance, authors will receive a preliminary estimate, which is to be settled as soon as possible to allow publication to proceed. Soon after, they will receive the galley proofs and publication will closely follow. Upon publication, a copy of the journal would be provided to the author. Reprints will be provided as a rule at the time of publication but advance reprints are available upon request. Reproductions are not allowed without the written consent of the publisher through the Editor-in-chief. Reprint order forms will be sent to the corresponding author after publication of article.

All correspondence and enquires pertaining to status of manuscripts should be directed to the Editor-in-chief.

Advertorial: Inquires for placement of advertisements should be forwarded to the Editor-in-chief.

All payments should be in favour of the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, CMUL.


All rights reserved. No part of any article published by the JBMS may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical recording or otherwise without written permission from the Publisher through the Editor-in-chief. On acceptance, the copyright of the paper will be vested in JBMS/Publisher.