Performance Evaluation of a Hand Pushed Vegetable Seed Broadcaster

  • A.A. Aderinlewo Department of Agricultural and Bio-resources Engineering, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria
  • M.D. Afose
Keywords: Vegetable seed, broadcaster, field tests, laboratory tests, field capacity.


The performance of a hand pushed vegetable seed broadcaster was evaluated by conducting both laboratory and field
tests. The laboratory tests include seed discharge rate, air discharge velocity and operational or working speed. The
field tests include theoretical field capacity, effective field capacity and field efficiency. The average seed discharge rate
and operational/working speed obtained were 6.669 g/s and 0.66 m/s respectively. The air discharge velocity obtained
range from 7.2-12.2 m/s. The average theoretical field capacity, effective field capacity and field efficiency were 0.18
ha/hr, 0.17 ha/hr and 94% respectively. The machine was able to plant Amaranthus seed at an average seeding rate of
2.70 kg/ha.


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