Comparative Analysis of Different Online GNSS Processing Services

  • Herbert TATA and Ibrahim Olatunji RAUFU Federal University of Technology Akure, Ondo State Nigeria
Keywords: Comparative Analysis, Online GNSS Processing Services


The development of online GNSS processing services for GPS data processing has become widely used because of its user-friendliness, non-requirement of license and knowledge of GPS processing software compared to the commercial software.  The study aims at carrying out a comparative analysis of different online GNSS processing services (AUSPOS, CSRS-PPP, MagicGNSS/PPP, APPS, and GAPS).  Field observations were carried out on seven (7) selected control points using static GNSS observation techniques and total station instruments to establish a closed traverse.  The 3D coordinates of the control points were estimated using the online processing services and the coordinate differences between these services and total station coordinates were computed.  The accuracy of each online processing service was determined using the root mean square error.  The analysis, for each online processing services in the X, Y, and Z directions were 2.49cm, 2.33cm, and 2.41cm respectively, for AUSPOS, (3.35cm, 3.67cm and 3.19cm) for CSRS-PPP, (4.20cm, 3.60cm, and 3.43cm) for MagicGNSS/PPP, (6.91cm, 7.71cm, and 10.61cm) for APPS and (6.81cm, 7.77cm, and 9.09cm) for GAPS. It is worthy to conclude from the analysis of the result, AUSPOS has a more reliable result than other services which is most preferable and may be adopted for engineering and geodetic applications